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UK Publisher Announces Publishing of its New Title Set to Release on June 12th

The Mischief-Maker

or the Loathsome History of a Malcontent

Julia Lacey Brooke

Hardback  326pp  ISBN 978-1-904799-66-5  12 June 2014  £22.00/US$32.00


Author Julia Lacey Brooke has a new book entitled The Mischief-Maker or the Loathsome History of a Malcontent.

Richmond, Surrey-5 June 2014. Surrey-based publisher Tiger of the Stripe ventures into a new book from one of its fascinating writers – Julia Lacey Brooke entitled The Mischief-Maker or the Loathsome History of a Malcontent. The hardback cover is 326 pages long and will be retailed starting at £22.00 locally and $32.00 internationally, especially the US. It has a ISBN 978-1-904799-66-5 and will be formally released to the public on 12 June 2014. Julia's previous book was issued by the same publisher late last year.

What to Expect in the Book

A swooping, evocative tale spanning nearly fifty years, The Mischief-Maker is a story of ambition, hubris and retribution. From the sixties to the present, from England and Ireland to Italy and the United States, it follows the lives of a diverse group of people whose fates are inextricably caught up, whether they know it or not. No-one – not the government minister, the cabaret artist, the war hero, the television personality, the forgotten pop star or the academic’s widow – is immune from a certain malign influence. Secrets long hidden come back to destroy them.

The Mischief-Maker is a subtle, atmospheric, noirish tragicomedy, one which sweeps the reader along and creates an intense interest in what happens next, and to whom, and why.

Why would a publisher with no advertising budget and who is struggling to make a living take on an unknown author? Even more worryingly, why would he take on a novel which the author has already self-published without great success? Is he mad? Possibly.

“When I was offered this book, I read it avidly and told the author that I would NOT publish it” says Peter Danckwerts, owner of the publishing house, Tiger of the Stripe.

Further he told her that it was too good and that Tiger of the Stripe simply did not have the marketing muscle to do it justice. In the meantime, he suggested that she dusted off her MLitt thesis on the role of the malcontent on the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage, which Tiger published last year. However, she failed to find another publisher for her fiction and, reluctantly (because he had no marketing muscle), Peter agreed to take on The Mischief-Maker and its two sequels.

Furthermore he states: “If you spare the time to read a chapter or two, you may decide that I am a silly old fool. On the other hand, you may well decide that I am right.”

About the Author

Julia Lacey Brooke read English Literature and Renaissance History at the University of East Anglia, later taking an MLitt at the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon. Now based in rural Tuscany, she is a freelance editor, teacher and lecturer. Her The Stoic, the Weal & the Malcontent, a fascinating study of the malcontent on the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage, was also published by Tiger of the Stripe in 2013.

Photo of Julia Lacey Brooke © Victor de Schwanberg 2014

About the Tiger of the Stripe

As a solid publisher of 40 years and counting, Peter Danckwerts, the brain behind Tiger of the Stripe, has seen big-name authors make vast royalties, sometimes for very poor books, and very good books turned down as uneconomic. They hope to buck the trend with Brooke's titles. Peter believes that the novel clearly evokes the changing spirit of the age and how brilliantly Julia has drawn the characters. He even believes that it would make a fantastic television serial, thus his huge support.


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