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Welcome to Tiger of the Stripe

Tiger of the Stripe is a small, independent book publisher based in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames in southwest London. We publish books on a wide range of subjects: history, languages, palaeography, music, bibliophilia, food, fiction, etc.

Please note that we are not currently accepting new fiction.

Buying from Amazon

We love traditional bookshops and we hope that as many people as possible will buy our books through them. However, the plain fact is that we sell more through Amazon than we do through bookshops, our profits are larger on copies through Amazon and, quite frankly, we wouldn't survive without Amazon sales.

Sadly, we have sold so few copies through our Amazon links recently that Amazon has removed our ability to use OneLink to connect to their sites, meaning that we can no longer provide one link which will detect your location and send you to your local Amazon store. It would take too long and far too much space to provide links to every Amazon store separately, so we have only included UK and US ones. However, you should be able to find our books on Amazon by going to the appropriate Amazon site and typing the ISBN number into the search field. If you still have a problem, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

We should also mention that, if you order using our links to Amazon or the iBookstore, we receive a very modest affiliate payment.

Trade Sales

We are distributed in the UK and USA by Ingram.

Coming in 2021

Sadly, due to difficulties researching during the COVID-19 crisis, it seems unlikely that Bibliophobia will be published until 2021.

Bibliophobia: frontispiece and title page


Thomas Frognall Dibdin

This long-awaited sequel to Bibliomania is a new, illustrated and annotated edition following a semi-fictionalised account of the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin's 1831 visit to booksellers in London, Eton, Windsor, Reading and Oxford which will enchant and entertain all those of a bibliomaniacal bent. Dibdin wrote the book under the name Mercurius Rusticus and annotated it under the name Cato Parvus.

The text is quite short but there will be copious notes and an introduction, plus many illustrations, including some in colour.

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You can order it from Amazon UK using the button above, but please note that, as Amazon affiliates, we will receive a small payment if you do so.

Other People’s Books

The Little Asteroid

Sometimes we like to plug other people’s books and this children's book is a corker!

This is the marvellous tale of The Little Asteroid, who leaves his orbit to explore the rest of the gigantic Universe.

On his adventurous journey he meets some unusual characters, and in the end, he finds something truly important...

The wonderful illustrations, created in felt, are by Tiger of the Stripe’s friend, Carol Kemp, who also designed the typeface for it.