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Project Fear: Drug Shortages

I'm getting so fed up with the BBC. It is running an endless stream of anti-Brexit propaganda at the moment. I think BBC reporters and editors really believe they are being balanced but they are too stupid to see that they are being used by the Project Fear rabble.

This morning they had a doctor campaigning against a no-deal Brexit because it threatened drug suppliers to the NHS. Nobody at the BBC questioned how this could be. Does anyone really believe that a no-deal Brexit could cause drug shortages in the UK? If so, I’d like them to explain why to me. Even Yellowhammer, based on a ‘reasonable worst case scenario’ assumed that there was ‘a low risk of significant sustained queues at ports outside Kent’, while the authorities in France have ridiculed the idea that there would be any delays at the Channel ports. In addition, Dover only accounts for 5% of the UK’s overall tonnage while other ports have plenty of spare capacity. Unfortunately, Project Fear has been so effective that there have already been shortages attributed to Brexit before we have left the EU, with or without a deal!

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