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The Trouble with Fiction Publishing

Julia Lacey Brooke

Fiction publishing has never been so challenging as it is today. The small publisher faces being squeezed between the large publishers on one side and the self-publishers on the other. Self-publishers present a problem because of the sheer number of books being published. How does any title stand a chance of being noticed among so many others?

At the same time, the large publishers (growing ever larger through mergers and acquisitions) spend lavishly on marketing while restricting their activities to big names. They seldom risk their money on an unknown writer but they are more than willing to publish a debut novel by a 'celebrity' who has no writing talent at all. As a result, talented authors often have little choice but to self-publish. Unfortunately, their chance of succeeding is very small.

Tiger of the Stripe has published two novels, The Mischief-Maker and Circled by the Sands, by the wonderfully talented Julia Lacey Brooke (photo above). All we need is one or two good reviews!