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Kennedy's New Latin Primer – Why has it taken so long?

Let's face it, Tiger of the Stripe isn't the largest media company in the world and things take a bit longer than they do in our larger rivals, not least because we don't have a lot of cash to throw at projects. Kennedy's New Latin Primer is made all the more demanding by the decision made in the first edition to have US and UK editions. I don't regret this because there nouns and adjectives are declined in a different order in the two countries and it is unreasonable to expect readers in either country to adapt to the traditions of the other. However, it does add to the amount of work required. The UK edition is nearly complete, although it still needs a final proofread. I have decided that, like last time, the two editions should be published simultaneously, so the UK edition will have to wait until the US edition is ready. We may also publish iBook versions, although I can't really imagine using such a thing. What is certain is that there will be no Kindle version, as the format simply cannot cope with such complex texts. An ePub 3 version is possible as our iBooks are basically created in that format.

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