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    Isleworth Madonna

    A Professor Gerrish Gray Mystery

    Anton de Moresco

    Anton de Moresco’s whodunnit set in the strange, cloistered environment of the University of Isleworth will be a revelation to all those unfamiliar with that august institution and the area of West London which houses its ancient campus.

    Gerrish Gray’s position as Professor of Cultural History at Britain’s oldest university is threatened after an American professor claims that the Isleworth Madonna is a fake. Then Gray finds a corpse in the Snakenborg Gallery. What else can go wrong? Plenty, it turns out, as the Isleworth University Police, the so-called Bulls, blunder into the investigation.

    Embellished with many scholarly footnotes, this book will perplex even the most sophisticated reader.

    Anton de Moresco is McGonagall Professor of Experimental Prosody at the University of Isleworth. He is mostly known for his slim books of poetry, including Pretty Ugly and The Man in the Iron Lung.

    Pbk   26 April 2016   190pp  List Price £7.99  isbn 978-1-904799-68-9

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